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Enjoy the Sun with Laventine

Everyone knows that sun protection is required when they go to the beach or plan to stay in the sun all day.  However, sunscreen should not be restricted to those hot, sunny days.  Applying sunscreen should be part of everyoneís daily routine, as natural as brushing oneís teeth or combing oneís hair.

However, despite all of the warnings from dermatologists about the sunís damaging effect on the skin, causing everything from wrinkles to sunspots to skin cancer, why are many people still not applying sunscreen?

It seems that the major problem for many people is not the sunscreen itself, but how to remove it comfortably and effectively. Since many a sunscreen tends to be extremely water-resistant and does not come off with regular cleansing, clogged pores and breakouts occur as a result.

Laventine Olive Forte Cleansing Oil, made with ingredients from various parts of the olive tree, is designed to remove the toughest sunscreen, thoroughly and gently.  1-2 pumps from the dispenser, massaged evenly onto the face and rinsed with tepid water is all that is needed to completely remove all traces of sunscreen.  Unlike many oil-based cleansers, there is no need for another cleanser afterwards since no residue is left behind.

Whatever sunscreen you choose, remember that the benefits of protecting yourself from the sunís damaging rays only come with daily usage.  Removing sunscreen is equally as important and efforts should be made to find an effective remover.  Once you find the perfect sunscreen and remover combination, apply and remove religiously.  A couple of years down the road, your skin will thank you.


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